Plan for Transitions

A study conducted in 2019 by Wealth-X estimates that globally, approximately $15.4 trillion in wealth will be transferred by individuals worth $5 million or more by the year 2030. This sum is equivalent in value to the entire Chinese economy or 17 times the market capitalization of Amazon.

The numbers are astonishing. Many who will be among those transferring their wealth are concerned about the consequences—because with great wealth comes great responsibility.

In addition to conducting individual and family meetings to engage in open conversations and set expectations for wealth transference, we engage with your other trusted advisors to manage the details of a complex wealth transfer plan. We collaborate with your legal, insurance, accounting and business advisors to build a comprehensive blueprint that minimizes tax liability and clearly communicates your intent. Most importantly, it serves as a living document that will guide your family now and for generations to come.

Thoughtful Planning

Like so many other things, successful wealth transitions require thoughtful planning. At FourThought Signature we provide the expertise and guidance you need to plan purposefully and productively.