Identify Purpose

Everyone wants happiness and a sense of purpose, but they can be elusive—especially for people in families with significant assets, businesses, and enterprises. At FourThought Signature we can illuminate a pathway forward.

We unite families in meaningful discussions about wealth, business, shared values and the importance of preserving family history. We help create a framework for generational growth and well-being based on shared activities around businesses, family offices, professional relationships, investments, philanthropy, human development, and governance. This framework–a self-constructed environment where each family member can feel safe and valued–promotes maturity, positive self-discovery, and a deep sense of purpose.

To create your family’s framework we begin by engaging each generation to find the answers to questions such as:

  • How can our core values guide us as we make vitally important decisions?
  • What is our family’s personal brand?
  • How can we prevent our wealth from being a source of conflict?
  • How do we prepare our family members for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead?

FourThought Signature can partner with your family as a guide, planner and manager of your assets. If you have a family office and need support—or you want to establish a family office as a formal structure for managing your complex affairs—we can help.

FourThought Clients

Family Meetings and Governance Coaching

We specialize in helping multi-generational families build trust and maximize the value of their human capital through continuous coaching and focused interaction, making it more likely that all members will have the foundations they need to lead fulfilled and engaged lives.

One of the most important functions of coaching is preparing the next generation to lead. Through facilitated family meetings, workshops, and retreats, we create a customized “curriculum” for education and leadership development including topics such as:

  • Succession planning and transitions
  • NextGen financial literacy and fluency
  • Leadership readiness
  • Financial communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Responsible wealth stewardship 

Throughout these efforts a continuous thread is the preservation of family values and history across the generations. We help families strengthen and clarify their history through shared stories and narratives, which express the hopes and dreams of matriarchs and patriarchs and prevent critical values from eroding.

Family Meetings and Retreats
To Preserve Values and Prepare the Next Generation

Our team can also guide and help  with:


Strategic Planning

Creating goals for individual family members and a plan for reaching them

Philanthropic Advising

Identifying causes that align with your values and helping you make the biggest impact

Family Foundations

Establishing, managing, governing, and stewarding

Our goal is to help your family find and achieve its purpose. To get you there, we will create a plan as unique as you.