Investment management & Consulting

Your wealth is a reflection of you. Preserving and growing it takes just as much focus, discipline and acumen as it took for you to build it—perhaps even more. At FourThought Signature our planners understand this and apply the same rigor in managing your assets.

Taking the time to understand you, your history, and your preferences, they create a wealth navigation plan that is a visual representation of your personal and professional enterprise including all of its assets and ownership structures, cash flow, balance sheets, succession plans and more. In tandem with this they build customized, goal-driven financial plans that meet your unique needs.

But that is only a start. They actively manage your assets from day to day, paying scrupulous attention to considerations such as:

  • Overall investment performance
  • Total net-worth
  • Investment mix and asset allocation
  • Fees
  • Alignment with your goals and objectives
  • Risk level

Private Banking For Premium Services and Account Access

FourThought SIgnature

To take advantage of the best opportunities and protect you from downside risk they employ the full gamut of investment vehicles, from domestic and international securities to more sophisticated investments like private equity and real estate. They also provide guidance for special situations and project such as executive benefits, stock options, and closely held businesses.