The Signature Experience

FourThought Client

We Guide People Who Recognize the Responsibility of Wealth 

FourThought Signature clients have launched and sold businesses, been visionary leaders, created jobs and helped others become successful. In the process they have built and inherited wealth, assets and businesses that have or will transition to their families. 

Deeply committed to the well-being of their loved ones and aware of the sometimes difficult challenges of wealth, they seek to plan intentionally and stay connected to the values that defined them. They want to avoid the problems that can arise with wealth transfers due to lack of trust and communication among family members or business associates. Rather, they seek to ready their family members for the weight and responsibility of wealth and ensure that each member lives with an individual sense of purpose. They also want to preserve and grow their assets so, as a family, they can continue to do good—for their communities and the world, favorite philanthropies, and future family members.

Achieving their goals requires help from a trusted circle of professionals willing to give their time, attention and intense focus. That is the premise of the FourThought Signature experience.

Fourthought Team

 A Team and the Tools to Help With Life’s Complexities

While traditional wealth management typically concentrates on investments, financial planning, and trusts, our team at FourThought Signature is diverse in skill and knowledge so they can better help with the your complex affairs. Their mission is to know your family’s values, personalities, and preferences so they can easily anticipate your needs. They are critical thinkers who are empowered to pivot as needed and help you solve any problem without hesitation.  

As an extension of your enterprise, our team is available to assist you at any time, day or night. In addition, our planners conduct reviews with unusual frequency, ensuring that your risk profile is appropriate for market conditions and you are provided with high quality information to help make decisions that are right for you. They (and you) are enabled with state-of-the-art tools and secure technology that make communication easy and account access possible from anywhere.

Advanced Wealth Impact Strategies

 Built on the Values That Made You Who You Are  


Couple Using Computer

Since your family’s values, circumstances, goals, and investments are different from those of all other families, we approach planning with a blank slate, bringing no assumptions or biases. We learn everything about you, then create one-of-a-kind plans for the short and long terms. We stay nimble too, ready to make changes as life happens.

Information and Insight

Calculating Numbers

At FourThought Signature you will enjoy deep insight made possible with access to the best sources of information. We actively curate information from around the world and hand-select it for you, from economic forecasts and analyses produced by world-renowned global investment firms to case studies in family foundation governance.

Trust and Transparency

Transparency is the currency with which we build trust. We ask straightforward questions and expect the same from you. We are paid only by you and tell you exactly what to expect for the fees we charge. We do not make commissions or referral fees.